64 Bridge Ave.
Bay Head
Every Saturday Morning at 10am:
Children’s Book Readings with Treasure!
*daily newspapers, NYT’s Bestsellers, magazines, sundries, sunscreen, beach gifts*

Fine Home Goods & Design
Locations in Bay Head & Spring Lake

Owner / Purveyor: Elka


Cast of Characters:
Wendy Dinneen / Owner
Carolyn Wendelken / Manager
Dale Weston / Model & Ambassador
Sophia Reddi / Bookstore Manager & Tech Specialist
Charlie Hesse / Model & Ambassador
Maisy Reddi / Model & Ambassador
Molly Langan / Ambassador & Social Media Specialist
Kate Paulson / Ambassador & Social Media Specialist
Building / Hub Owners: Christine & Larry Hesse



Wendy Dinneen

Wendy Dinneen

Owner & Curator